William Wooldridge "WillDridge"

Will‘s journey didn't start with a college or university degree, it didn't start with help a wealthy family or through financial handouts, instead it started with a teenager making music with a simple goal of following in his fathers footsteps and becoming a musician. As time passed Will found himself not only following in those footsteps, but surpassing both the success of his father and his own goals.

From performing at countless shows, headlining his own tour and landing his debut album in HMV across Canada, Will's passion, determination and drive would lead him down a path towards branding and creative direction.

After learning the ropes and playing the trial and error game with his own music brand. Will decided to try his had at becoming a entertainment manager, graphic designer and marketer, while still releasing music. He became a Jury member with FACTOR and a prominent promoter in his then hometown of Hamilton Ontario Canada.

By 2019, Will was so busy with his own clients and indie management label that he decided to stop making music himself to focus more on working behind the scenes.

In 2021, after spending over 10 years in the entertainment and creative space, Will founded his official creative agency, S.Keyol Media.

Now alongside his team, Will works small brands in the food, entertainment and retail industries, creating, overseeing and managing their public presences, marketing campaigns and visual identities.